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Slovenian forest in figures

Slovenian forest in figures

Forest area:         1.186.104 ha

Forestation:                     58.5%
Growing stock: 327.458.525 m

                          (276.08 m3/ha)

Annual increment: 7.985.256 m

                               (6.74 m3/ha)

Possible cut:         5.126.609 m3

Total annual cut:   3.74.191 m3

Coniferous trees:   1.853.772 m3
Deciduous trees:    1.520.419 m3

Realised cut represents 70% of possible cut.

Length of forest roads: 12,624 km
Length of forest borders: cca 115,000 km

Data source:

The Slovenia Forest Service Report on Slovenian forest for 2009