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Kosovo - Slovenia, Study tour to Slovenia, 24. do 28. November 2008.

Slovenia Forest Service-SFS invite the group of forest policy experts from Kosovo to visit the Republic of Slovenia from 24. to 28. of November. The reason of the visit was performing a study tour to the Slovenian forestry administration and to exchange the knowledge and experiences of this sector.

Kosovo group in Pokljuka.

The group visited: 

Slovenian Forest Service - director Jošt Jakša. 

Institute for Nature Conservation - director dr. Darij Krajčič.

Slovenian Forestry Institute - director dr. Mirko MEDVED.   

Triglav National Park - director dr. Marija Markeš. 

We are interested in good cooperation with Kosovo Forestry Authority and we are very pleased that we have opportunity to arrange this study tour.

SFS Regional unit Bled

Program (for Slovenia)
- Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food. Forest policy, legal framework, forest sector, the state authorities that control forestry.
- Slovenia Forest Service:general information about SFS    
- Slovenian Forest Institute: Forestry research area in Slovenia    
- Institute for Nature Conservation: Managing Natura 2000 sites in Slovenian forests –results from LIFE III Nature Project: Natura 2000 in Slovenia – Management Models and Information System
- Slovenia Private Forest Owners Associations, small scale forest industry

- SFS Regional unit Bled, Forest management, environmental protection, non-wood products and private sector development. Turism and recreation.

- SFS Regional unit Kočevje, Forest management in the unit where forests are mostly owned by the state

Pokljuka (Mrzli studenec).

Triglav National Park - Info Centre

Contact persons:
- Borut Debevc, Slovenia Forest Service
Phone: ++386 (0)1 470 00 78, mob.: ++386 (0)41 657 282

- Anders Olsson, FAO Project Manager
Phone:+46-224-26072, cellular phone: +46-70-2120865

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