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Recent news

Learn about lynx on Mašun – International Lynx Day

This year’s main event of the Forest Week was organized by Slovenia Forest Service on Mašun (Snežnik area) with the opening of the renovated forest educational trail and Forest House museum with a permanent exhibition on large carnivores. Both were prepared in the scope of an Interreg project Carnivora Dinarica, under the motto “Large carnivores co-create the best forests. Respect them!”

LIFE Lynx project partners contributed to the exhibition with content about the life of lynx, his role in the forest ecosystem, reasons why lynxes in the Dinarides are endangered, how many there are left in the wild and many other lynx related topics.

We invite you to enjoy the beauty and forest tranquility of Mašun while learning about large carnivores and their ecosystems. The forest eduactional trail is open every day, no appointment needed. While a visit to the forest house is only possible by prior appointment at the Slovenian Forest Service, Postojna Regional Unit. On June 12 and 13, 2021 you can celebrate International Lynx Day on Mašun. On Both days, the forest house will be open from 11.00 to 17.00. 

Large carnivore diorama at the entrance to the exhibition. Photo: Carnivora Dinarica
The educational path is connected with riddles. Can you ques who is this? Light fur, dark spots, black ear tufts and big eyes. Silently through the forest he goes, who is this forest ghost?
Forest phone. Do you know how it works? Check it out on Mašun forest trail. Photo: Maja Sever
Beautiful scenery at Mašun. Photo: Maja Sever
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The Slovenia Forest Service is a public institution, established by the Republic of Slovenia, which performs public forestry service in all Slovenian forests, irrespective of ownership.

Our tasks and activities are connected with all fields of forest management on the national, regional and local levels: forest management planning, monitoring of forests, silviculture and forest protection, use of forest technologies, construction and maintenance of forest roads, monitoring of wild animal populations, hunting, forestry extension service for forest owners, research work, rural development activities, raising awareness and the education of forest owners, the general public and youth. The Slovenia Forest Service does not perform any felling, extraction, transport and selling of wood, nor forest trade. 

With approximately 730 employees, mostly forestry engineers, the Slovenia Forest Service is the largest forestry institution in Slovenia and a forestry institution of European importance. We operate by the principles of the Slovenian forestry school, planning and monitoring the implementation of sustainable, close-to-nature and multifunctional forest management. Our motto is: “Preservation and close-to-nature development of Slovenian forests and of all their functions for their sustainable and good management and use as well as nature conservation in forest space for the good of present and future generations.”

At the state level, the Slovenia Forest Service is organised with its central unit in Ljubljana, at the regional level in 14 regional units, and at local level into 69 local units and 391 forest districts. SFS also comprises 10 hunting reserves.

The Slovenia Forest Service is currently participating in 15 ongoing international projects. Since our founding, we were a partner or the lead partner in 33 finished projects, among these LIFE+, Interreg and projects by other funding mechanisms.