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Public relations

Public relations

With regard to its links with forests and forestry, the public is divided into different groups with which we communicate in different ways and organize various activities to raise awareness of the importance of forests. It is also informed about the events related to forests and work of the Slovenia Forest Service.

Public relations are being developed by the following activities:

popularization of forests, defined as spreading of popular knowledge and information about forests and raising awareness of the public as to the importance of forests, is determined by the Act on Forests. It is carried out by means of various activities for different target groups. On the whole, these activities can be divided into those where the staff of the Slovenia Forest Service are in personal contact with people (guiding on forest educational trails, tourist and other educational routes, excursions, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, forest week, round-table discussions and other events), media and written materials, electronic materials, video materials and the Internet,

informing the public about the work of the Slovenia Forest Service and of interesting topical events related to forests. The public is most often informed by media (press conferences, communiqués, Internet). To inform internal public the internal paper is published and the Intranet is being developed,

providing information of public interest in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Access to Information of Public Interest, passed in Slovenia in 2003. The system and practice of providing this information with regard to the activities of the Slovenia Forest Service are being developed.

business communication with associates, these being organizations and institutions with which the Slovenia Forest Service collaborates on formal ground (regulations, contracts) or on the basis of informal mutual interests.